What do we mean by an online network built using web 2.0 tools?

A group of people who all have an online presence like a blog who link to each other and share information on the open web without relying on email and e-groups.

Can I see an example?

Why would I want to set up an online network?
  • does not rely on a leader with one person doing all the work
  • encourages student centred and self directed learning
  • incidental and informal learning that normally happens in groups
    "the village well".
  • sharing between professional colleagues
  • peer mentoring
  • tapping into the knowledge of experts- world-wide
  • keeping in touch with friends and family
  • commerical co-operation

Who would be in my network?
  • students
  • family
  • colleagues
  • people who share a profession or interest
  • branches of an organisation

Why not just email?
  • email overload
  • emails kept brief and business like- compare with what you can learn about someone from a quick view of their personal web presence
  • often difficult to save and retreive emails
  • people are too busy to rewrite things- do it once and share
  • often difficult to save and retrieve emails

A simple model for doing it
  • each person in the network starts a blog or another online presence that has an RSS feed.
  • each person sets up an RSS feed reader and subscribes to the blogs of the people in the group- gradually deleting those which are not active or are of no interest.
  • each person writes the occasional comment on other people's blogs.
  • Some people in the network post photos to a flickr account and tags photos with the name of the group; people in the group subscribe to that tag.
  • Some people in the network post websites recommended for the group onto del.icio.us and tag them with a group tag; people in the group subscribe to the feed.

Where can I learn more?

This Networks 2006 project- the Connected Learning Network.
Wiki: http://clcommunity.wikispaces.com
Blog: http://clcommunity.blogspot.com/