CLC Blog Contributor Guidelines

CLC members can become contributors to the Connected Learning Community blog.

To ensure that the blog retains focus and it's role as a project blog we are creating the following list of guidelines that potential contributors are asked to agree to in order to be added as a contributor to the blog.

This is a rough draft. I'm finding it difficult to find language that doesn't sound, well, too controlling! Please help me massage this into something a bit friendlier- seanfitz seanfitz

Please enter the discussion about what should be included and how it should be worded on this page's discussion page.


  • This is the 'official' project blog of the Connected Learning Community (CLC).
  • Posts are focused on news and events related to the Connected Learning Community, and the discussion of the running and organising of the project and the community. In other words, the CLC blog is about the project and the community, not necessarily the topics discussed by the community (such as PLEs and Web 2.0 tools in education).
  • The blog isn't a substitute for personal blogs. Members are encouraged to set-up their own personal blogs to post their thoughts to.
  • Instead of adding links to resources to the blog, members are encouraged to add them to their accounts and tagged with 'clcommunity' so they are added to the resource feed. Where relevant resources can also be added to the wiki.