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Welcome to the Connected Learning Community wikispace.

The Connected Learning Community is a project for the 2006 E-learning Networks project, part of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

Project Description

A Community of Practice (CoP) with the purpose of exploring Web 2.0 technologies in education and related learning theories, such as Connectivism and Networked Learning.

Based on peer-to-peer learning principles, the network will provide an opportunity for members to share skills and knowledge and mentor each other in new tools, practices and concepts.

The network will be built on the open web using Web 2.0 tools, modelling the process of creating networked learning communities based on personalised learning environments, thereby reflecting the underlying philosophy of learner-centred, self-organising, egalitarian networks.

You can find out more about the project at the Project Launch and Overview.
and the 10 minute Network Snapshot Presentation at NSW e-learning event October 19th 2006

We also have a Connected Learning Community blog, which members can contribute to - CLC Blog Contributor Guidelines.

Community Members

Anyone can join! Add your name and the URL of your online presence on the Members page.

You can also add yourself to our Frappr map.

Guides & Tutorials

The following guides and tutorials will will help you to build your Personal Learning Environments and Personal Learning Networks.

Related Networks & Projects

The Connected Learning Community is networking with other projects exploring Web 2.0 tools and the networked learning model.


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