RSS Feeds & Newsreaders

An important part of the process of forming and becoming part of distributed, informal Personal Learning Networks is subscribing to the RSS feeds of blogs and other sources of information.

RSS Feeds

  • RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.
  • RSS is a method for distributing and syndicating content from websites, news sources and blogs.
  • An RSS feed is a text file that includes a title, description, and link to each item.
  • By being able to subscribe to and read the latest posts in an "aggregator" or "feed reader" RSS feeds make it easy to keep up with multiple information and news sources and blogs without having to visit each site individually.
  • RSS feeds can be displayed on webpages or blogs.

News Readers (aka News Aggregators or Feed Readers)

A news reader is a tool for aggregating RSS feeds from multiple sources and displaying them in one place.

Types of News Readers/Aggregators

  • A special mention goes to Elgg - if you choose this as your online presence it comes with a built-in news reader.

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